Which airlines are kayak friendly?

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Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airways, Emirates and Qatar Airways all fly regularly to Entebbe.

Of these only Brussels Airlines guarantees to carry your kayak and paddles for free, if you book through Kayak the Nile.

Disclaimer: Kayak the Nile receives no commissions from your flight. We negotiated this arrangement in order for it to be easier for you to come and paddle in Uganda. This option is open to everyone regardless of whether you are coming on a course with us.

To get a quote from our Brussels contact (often cheaper than price comparison sites) and ensure your kayak is booked onto your ticket please contact us with the proposed dates that you would like to fly. Your kayak (of up to 15kg) will travel with you for free in addition to your two standard hold bags of 23kgs. 

Contact Kayak the Nile about flying with Brussels airlines.


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