Getting to and from the river?

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Getting to and from the river is relatively easy but does require a bit of organisation.

There are two main hubs that kayakers use, the Nile River Explorers campsite in Bujagali and the Hairy lemon island:

From NRE/Bujagali it is easiest to access:

  • The Silverback to Kibibi section (a great grade 1-3 warm up)
  • River run of the ‘Day Two’ or rafting section
  • Park and Play at Super Hole (it is also possible to reach Nile Special as well)
  • Party

The Hairy Lemon is better for: 

  • Nile Special & Club Wave
  • Peace and quiet

To understand where all the put ins and take outs are please come to our office in Bujagali when you arrive. We have a map on the wall and we are happy to explain the logistics from there.

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