How long should I spend on the Nile?

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We recommend a minimum of a two week trip to Uganda, though people often get to the end of this amazed that it is over already. Two weeks is enough to see everything on the river once and perhaps squeeze in a trip to Murchison or Sipi Falls. 

Regular amounts of time that white water paddlers come out here for are two weeks, one month and two month trips, sometime even longer! 

WARNING: Jinja has been referred to as the black hole/the place where all roads eventually lead back to. If you don’t plan to leave, it is unlikely you will.

We run courses to help paddlers make the most of their trip.

We run the Discover the Nile course for good reason, it helps keep people safe on the river and means you make the most out of your time on the Nile. This is a great way to start your Nile adventure…

Learn more about Discover the Nile…

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