What time of year should I come to the Nile?

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Water Levels:

Water levels are consistent all year round here, because the Nile is dammed just after it leaves Lake Victoria. In an agreement between the countries that the Nile flows through, there’s a minimum flow that must be released from Lake Victoria to feed the Nile into Egypt. This minimum flow makes for great kayaking, and if the dam does release more water for a few days then there’s still awesome kayaking. There’s daily fluctuations as the demand for power, and therefore the amount released, changes from night to day but there’s always something to run and surf here. Usually we’ll experience lower water in the mornings and higher water in the afternoons.


It seems in recent years the rainy seasons have become less predictable but in general rainy season is twice a year, once in April – May and the again in October – December. That said the sun still shines during the rainy season, and the rain still falls during the dry! Rainy season doesn’t really affect the river, but it can make it slightly more challenging to get to it, with the road becoming quite muddy. One thing is for sure here; it’s always warm! 

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