How do I get online in Uganda?

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Answer: Getting online in Uganda (in Jinja, where Kayak the Nile is based) is simple and there are a few options available.

  1. At a cafe
  2. At a dedicated internet shop
  3. At your hotel/guest house
  4. Buy a SIM Card for mobile access

1. Go to a Internet cafe:

If you have your own laptop or device then a cafe means both a nice coffee and a internet connection.

The speeds in the cafes can be frustratingly slow, at busy times everyone comes in and connects.

We recommend the following cafes:

2. Go to an Internet shop:

Jinja has several internet shops with computer booths available for those without a device. On the whole these provide a more reliable internet connection. Voice skype calls often work in these shops but you get the tasty Ugandan coffee

  • Reliable internet shop – next to Biashara supermarket (view on map)

3. At your hotel/guest house:

Most hotels and guest houses have an internet connection of some description, most however get easily overloaded with people trying to connect as nearly all systems run off a shared mobile connection rather than a landline connection. 

4. Buy a SIM card:

For internet access on your unlocked phone (not fixed to one network, ask your home network provider about unlocking) you can buy either a SIM, MicroSIM and NanoSIM here. You will need to have your passport (or another form of ID) with you when buying and registering your SIM card but it is a otherwise easy process. Data packages can then be bought and 3G and Edge coverage in the Jinja district is good or least enough to send and receive email.

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