How do I get from Entebbe airport to you?

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Answer: For those flying in we can arrange for one of our trusted drivers to collect you and your luggage from Entebbe (EBB) International airport.

This is cheaper than a taxi driver from the airport and the drivers we send are known to us, know where to bring you and have roof racks for your kayak if needed.

Discover the Nile (for experienced kayakers) and our holiday packages all include airport pickups.

Current rates are as follows:

Entebbe – Jinja / Bujagali – $70

Prices are for a small car (3 passenger seats, though with luggage we recommend max 2 people), and include a small booking fee. Larger vehicles available on request.

Book a airport pickup with one of our drivers.

Other options

Pineapple express – Reliable, regular bus.

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