Flat Water Kayaking

Slow. Calm. Relaxed.
The Nile at your own pace.

Cruising through the source of the Nile with a drink in your hand, learning about the history and significance of the region or out on lake Bujagali to find some space, see the birdlife and take a break from the bumpy roads. Our stable sit-on-top kayaks offer the perfect way to experience the Nile’s calmer waters.

Calm water Trips

Gin & tonic tours at the Source of the Nile

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Source of the Nile Tour

Birdwatching & relaxing tours on lake Bujagali

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Lake Bujagali Tour

The Nile at your pace

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Sit-on-top Rentals

Abraham Euwlima

abraham best tour guide in uganda

Abraham is one-of-a kind; a stellar tour guide who leads our flat water tours.

Originally from the north of Uganda but now a Buwenda local and conservationist at heart; Abra is always improving his own knowledge and understanding of the area.

While his tours are in an idyllic location and at a characteristically relaxed Ugandan pace, it is his sense of humour, knowledge of the river and measures of gin and tonic that make Abra’s tours famous.

There are no crocodiles or hippos this section of the Nile, however; fish eagles, kingfishers, storks, cormorants, weaver birds and many more of Uganda’s wide ranging bird species are commonly seen on the islands, and amongst the river bank’s undergrowth.

The water is an ideal place to go to take time away from everything else and experience Uganda in a different way.

Kayak the Nile Tripadvisor

Ally DC review jinja kayak the nile

“The water was smooth and calm, the sun was hot,
and there were birds everywhere! Bring binoculars to
take advantage of the chance to spot birds,
and even otters. Enjoy!”

AllyDC, via TripAdvisor


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Flat Water Kayaking

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