Ben Holland Memorial Photo Competition

At the Nile River Festival 2017

Hosted annually at the Nile River Festival, the Ben Holland Memorial Photo Competition is held in memory of one of our river community friends. Ben Holland, a talented photographer and kayaker, tragically lost his life in accident in Kampala in 2006. 

This photo competition is about recognising, honouring and showcasing all that is awesome about the Nile River Festival. For 2017 we have the following criteria:

‘The NRF Story’ prize (set of 5 images) – A series of images that tell the story of the Nile River Festival. We’re looking for a range of photographs that work together to give a great sense of what the NRF is all about.

Meet the judges

Sim Davis – expedition & documentary photographer,
Sim’s no stranger to the Nile’s rapids.

See Sim’s work at Sim Davis Photography

John Rathwell – an action sports specialist, John knows awesome kayak photography, he’s also the founder of the Searching for Sero project

see John’s work at John Rathwell Photography

Tom White – although based in Kampala, Tom is kept busy with NGO, humanitarian and commercial work throughout the whole of East Africa

see Tom’s work at Thomas White Photography

Emily Ward –  photographer, outdoor enthusiast and
previously head organiser of the Nile River Festival, Emily’s not actually a judge this year, she’s just organising this thing.

see Emily’s work at Emily Ward Photography

Photos will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact, artistic merit and subject matter relevance to the categories. We want to see images that tell the stories of the Nile River Festival (the successes, the fears, the parties, the fun, the epic kayaking etc). The Ben Holland Memorial Photo Competition is free to enter. 

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