Freestyle Coaching

Sun, tropical islands and warm water
all while progressing your kayaking.

There are some simple reasons why we visited Uganda in the first place and too many reasons to mention why we stayed. Combine a friendly atmosphere, a river that runs every single day of the year and some of the world’s best play waves and you’re starting to get a good idea.

Uganda and freestyle kayaking are a very natural fit and we have seen that with even the smallest amount of coaching on the waves here large jumps in your kayaking skills can be made. 

We have designed our sessions around giving you drills that will improve each move and the fundamentals of your kayaking, making sure that you finish your sessions with actionable feedback, knowing exactly what it is you need to work on to achieve your goals.



Personalised, dedicated coaching:

  • Half day – $125
  • Full Day – $165
  • 2 days tailored to you – $310

Our max ratio 1:4, rates are per person:

  • Half day – $100
  • Full Day – $135
  • 2 days – $255
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