Grade 5 Tandem Kayaking

High Adrenaline Adventure
on the biggest white water

Looking for the biggest adrenaline rush on the Mighty Nile? Tandem kayaking lets you take on some of the biggest and best rapids in a single day.

Facing huge wave trains, crashing white water and powerful hydraulics, it’s a team effort between you and your guide to make it through all of the rapids successfully.

Tandem Kayaking
  • Full day trip on some of the world’s best grade 5 white water
  • No experience necessary
  • Most extreme way to see the river
  • Joint trip with the grade 5 Nile River Explorers white water rafting

You will be paddling the river with the Nile River Explorers (NRE) grade 5 white water rafting trip. For those who like the idea of having their own craft, taking on the white water truly down at river level and getting the best experience, or simply for those who have done rafting before and want to step it up, tandem kayaking is perfect.

You sit in the front of a double seater kayak and provide the power to get through the waves. Your guide, in the back seat, has the job of instructing you when to put in the energy and steering you both safely down the rapids.


Should you end up on the wrong side of a crashing wave and get flipped by the water, it’s not necessarily time for a bath just yet. Unlike a rafting flip, where you could end up a long way from the boat having to swim rapids on your own, if you can hold your breath for 3 to 5 seconds (you can try it now to practice) your guide will attempt to roll you both back up. You can be back upright in the middle of the rapid having performed the hero move, and in the game for the rest of the waves.

Each rapid is followed by calm water, giving you time to let the adrenaline settle top-up your sun cream and relax before getting another hit. The calm water also gives you time to regroup with the rafts and swap courageous stories with everyone else. At lunch we will provide you with drinking water, biscuits and large chunks of fresh pineapple.

Each of the rapids on the river are spectacular, and there is some strong competition for the title of ‘best rapid’ but two standout, watch out for The Bad Place, and Nile Special.

The Bad Place (see main picture), is one of the biggest ‘holes’ that you will take your boat through. Running either left, right, or straight through the middle of this monstrous ‘hole’, it really gets the heart pumping.

Nile Special is the last rapid of the day and certainly not a disappointment. Despite having navigated some of the world’s best moving water already, the biggest and most challenging wave train is yet to come. Nile Special contains Club wave, Bell’s hole and of course the main Nile Special wave that the rapid is named after.

With Nile Special still vividly fresh in your mind, the day ends just downstream. An open bar stocked with cold drinks and a wholesome buffet waits for you at the bottom.

Grade 5 Tandem Kayaking

  • Full day trip on some of the world’s best white water
  • Fast track to kayaking some of the biggest white water in the world
  • Tackle most of the hardest white water this river has to offer in a single day
  • No previous experience necessary
  • A personal guide for the day
  • Africa’s most experienced river crew
  • Travel alongside the rafting trip
  • Breakfast, snack lunch & buffet dinner
  • Open bar at the river takeout
  • Complimentary use of the Kampala – Jinja shuttle bus (bookings essential)
  • 160 USD per person

Kayak the Nile Tripadvisor

“Had such an amazing time Kayaking the rapids. I was in a tandem Kayak with an amazing guide named Hassan. He had me laughing the whole time and kept me safe! Probably one of the best trips down the river I have had, mostly because of Hassan!.”

Danielle C, Via TripAdvisor
Lethbridge, Canada

Who is this for?
  • Those looking for the greatest, single day, white water experience on the river
    (no experience necessary)
  • People who have prior boat experience (sea kayak, canoe, kayak) but don’t have time to come on our whitewater instructional courses

We take your safety very seriously and make sure that we only send highly trained guides with the best support out on the river with you. You will receive two instructional briefings. The first at the backpackers which will give you a good idea of how the day will work.

The second is your safety briefing. Done by the side of the river the trip leader will talk you through everything that you need to know so that you are safe on the river. Once complete, you will meet your guide and take your boat out onto the flat water to learn a bit about your craft, what to do if it flips and how to get out if you need to.

Throughout your time on the river you will be in the company of your guide and safety kayakers.


After booking, you should arrive and check in at the Nile River Explorers backpackers in Jinja at 09:00.

Those taking advantage of the free Kampala – Jinja shuttle bus must book with us first otherwise the driver may refuse you travel (the bus may have a lot of other pickups with people who have booked) or leave without you. Shuttle pickups are:

If you want to use the Kampala shuttle bus please mention which departure point you would like to be collected from. A phone number we can talk to you on incase you’re not at the pickup (maybe stuck in traffic) really helps us too.

If you are staying at the Explorers campsite in Bujagali, there is a free shuttle service to and from town which leaves the campsite at 08:45 and returns once the rafting trip has got back to Jinja.

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