Multi day Introduction to Whitewater

Your New Obsession

A trip to Uganda is rarely in tune with sitting idle and missing out on the experiences you could be having.

We take the warm water, consistent sunshine and perfect rapids to entertain those who want more than to sit around. In control of your own boat, you will combine skill and personal challenge with the rush of running rapids and the authentic travel experience of seeing Ugandan life by the river.

Learning to kayak has helped many people unlock a whole new view on the world that they had never seen before.

Multi day kayaking courses
  • Learn to kayak on one of the world’s greatest rivers
  • Maximise your progression with a multi day course
  • Learn to see the world from a new perspective

Most people’s experience of Jinja is that of a small town. A few supermarkets and the chance to connect to the Internet. Just away from the road however, life has another pace.

Whether you have previous experience in a kayak or canoe, have been on one of our intro days or have no experience but just want to learn our guides will build a course for you, designed for you to learn as much as possible and have an amazing experience here on our home river.

As you spend your days learning to kayak you will not only have greater control of your boat, but be able to test these skills on a few harder rapids and start to learn more advanced techniques such as surfing.

Our goal – Inspire you with a passion for the sport we love. 

With more time we can teach in greater detail and depth.

Being surprised by the way whitewater moves is a common issue on our introduction day, without any prior experience in how it works and how to react to it makes capsizing more likely. On our multi day package you will learn to understand moving water, taking the time to observe the water with your guide and making sense of this apparent chaos of the rapids. This translates into you being a much more skilled kayaker, able to approach new challenges with understanding.

Longer courses allows us to cover skills such as rolling, the technique use to right yourself after a capsize. This is a complex thing to learn but with time, practice and observant instructors is something everyone can master.

2 Days


Group discount rate $240 per person *

3 Days


Group discount rate $345 per person* 

Full 5 Day


Group discount rate $555 per person *

Seven & 14-day courses are also available

*Group discount rates apply when two or more people are booked onto a course. 

Multi day kayaking course

  • Learn to kayak on one of the world’s greatest rivers
  • Receive expert instruction from guides
  • Maximise your experience on the Nile
  • Huge variety of rapids and sections for us to explore
  • Course tailored to you and what you want to achieve
  • Lunch & drinks everyday we are on the river
  • All necessary safety and kayaking equipment
  • Free access to the kampala – Jinja bus
  • Transport to and from the river
  • 7 and 14-day courses also available


Our multi-day intensive packages can suit the amount of time that you have. A long, adventure weekend in Jinja or a full five day intensive course, we tailor our packages to make sure you make the most of your time.

Kayak the Nile Tripadvisor

“I made far more progress than I ever thought possible. The staff are exceptionally friendly and the whole trip ran really smoothly. The only problem I had with my stay was that I couldn’t take a longer course of kayak instruction.”

J M, via TripAdvisor

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