Rolling Clinics

Boost your confidence on the river.

$60 per person

With the core skills under your belt and an eagerness to progress, rolling is the next step in unlocking a world of white water potential.

The benefits of a good roll barely need discussing, yet this is an often neglected area. Our rolling clinics are made to build your roll up from the foundations so that the perfect textbook roll is ingrained into your muscle memory and accessible whenever you need it.

Rolling Clinics
  • 2hr session
  • Dedicated instruction from a Kayak the Nile coach
  • Focus on building your technique for a reliable roll

There are two approaches when learning to roll. Slow and steady, or fast and hope. The latter, the rushed learning processes, despite being proved to be less effective, is often taught among friends and leads to the same result – an over reliance on strength to make up for poor technique.

We have seen this happen and believe that it is completely the wrong approach for one simple reason:

As you get better, and as you progress, you will be relying on your roll in more important situations.

If you are still basing your practice off the roll that you got taught during the early stages of your kayaking (that one you know it is a shaky technique wise, but it works most the time), it is unsurprising that now you are more confident and taking on bigger water it can be failing you.

Our rolling clinics are designed to avoid this. Using a slow and steady stepping-stones approach the two hour session aims to help unlock your confidence, encourage your ability to experiment and simply let you have more fun on the water because you have a trustworthy roll.

2 hour rolling clinic

  • Work towards a technically perfect roll committed to muscle memory
  • 2 hour intensive session
  • Personalised instruction from one of our highly experienced instructors
  • Calm water learning environment
  • Includes all equipment rental (including nose-clip & goggles )
  • Detailed and actionable feedback
  • 60 USD per person (max booking 2 people per instructor)

Join us for a two hour rolling clinic on lake Bujagali, we will teach you the foundations of a solid roll and work on the techniques required to get you rolling up every time.

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