Nile River Festival 2023

Welcome to Africa’s largest and longest running whitewater festival! Check out the highlights video from our 2019 Festival to find out what it’s all about.

The Nile River Festival (NRF) is an epic four day event that celebrates all that is awesome about the River Nile here in Uganda.



9am – 5pm Registration at the Kayak the Nile office located within Nile
River Explorers Camp – all competitors must register and pay for all events
during registration period.

8pm – Late Liberation Day Party @Bungee Uganda


EVENT 1 – Family Friendly Mass Float on Calm Water
1pm Meet at Bungee Uganda and start amassing in river below the Bungee.
Once all participants are together the Mass Float will set off downstream.

EVENT 2 – Big Air Ramp
Until 4.30pm Longest distance/best style competition on the Nile River
Explorers waterslide.

4.30pm – 7pm Big Air Ramp Competition and FREE to enter Stand Up
Paddleboard Jousting and Races.

7pm – Late NRE Party


EVENT 3 – Extreme Endurance Race (20km Bujagali Dam to Adrift
rafting take-out)

8.30am Race briefing at NRE campsite, all extreme endurance race
competitors need to be there.

9am Truck leaving NRE to go to Silverback with the competitors.
10am Race starts.

11.30am (approximately) 1st competitors expected to arrive at the finish line.

Est. 12.00pm Truck leaves the Adrift takeout and ships to Adrift Overland

12.00pm – 2pm Lunch at Adrift Overland Camp

Event 4 – Arrow Rapid Races
10am Trucks leaving NRE to go down to Adrift, non-Endurance Race
competitors must be on this transport for Arrow Rapid Races.

2pm all competitors should be at Adrift Overland Camp ready for the

2.30pm Arrow Rapid Races; Kayak, Tandem, Extreme Raft and Riverbug

6pm – late Prize giving and the party to end all parties at Adrift Overland Camp


EVENT 5Kayaking Freestyle Event
(This particular part of the schedule is likely to change to account for water
levels and number of competitors)

A vehicle will be leaving NRE at 9:00am on Sunday to take any
competitors to Superhole.

10am Competitors staying at Adrift Overland Camp start paddling up to

10.30am Competitors meeting at Superhole. All competitors need to be at

11am – 3pm Freestyle Event.

3.00pm Everyone heads back home

Competitor Registration Form

HEADLINE SPONSORS: Nile Breweries Limited

CO-SPONSOR: Shares Uganda Limited

Logistics Partners: Nile River Explorers

Watch this space for more information on accommodation.

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For directions to the two locations please view our location page.

Nile River Explorers Campsite and Overland Camp near Kalagala falls will be the locations for NRF 2023

Do you have any questions about NRF 2023? Send us a message